Services - Let Insight help provide the services you need to solve key business problems.
From providing an analysis of your organizations needs to finding solutions that benefit your organization, Insight can help your organization grow.

Web Solutions

From world wide data collection and collaboration systems to financial account access web portals, Insight delivers strategic, effective web solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. We use empirical studies and best practices to focus on these areas: site presentation, usability, data collection, data organization, management of content (i.e. CSM), Web 2.0 features (e.g. blogs, wikis, etc.) and, latest technology to create the solution that is right for your organization.

Custom Application Development

Insight doesn’t just build applications, we gather and analyze requirements, design and architect the correct solution for your organization to ensure customer satisfaction, scalability and maintainability of the delivered product.

Knowledge Management

At Insight, we will evaluate your organizations information and communication methods and tools to identify the optimal methods for capturing, sharing and utilizing information effectively. Insight does not believe that technology is a means to an end. However, in the right situations, it can be a useful tool to aid in the management and accessibility of your organization’s information.

Business Consulting

Insight’s resources have the skills and the tools necessary to help your organize realize its potential. Whether managing projects to successful fruition, working with your organization to position it as a leader in the market place or simply aiding your organization in facilitating a discussion Insight can help your organization realize its goals.

IT Consulting

Whether consulting with your Senior Management about the technical strategy for your organization or rectifying issues left behind by less than optimal contractors, Insight is there to provide the superior support your organization needs to get on track toward a road of excellence.