Government Clients - Experience Insight's Government work.

Insight has a wide array of government clients in which we have developed long term relationships. Our government clients include:

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Insight provided support to compile, analyze, and communicate statistical, financial, and programmatic data pertaining to population, health, and nutrition-related goals, activities, and outcomes. In addition, we provided full software development lifecycle support for a wide range of database applications and websites focused on areas such as financial reporting, data collection and communications outreach.

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB)

Insight worked collaboratively with the FRTIB staff and stakeholders to develop recommendations and plans to redevelop the Thrift Savings Plan website ( Additionally, we created the visual design style, HTML style guide, and wireframes and assisted with the content refinement.

Smithsonian Institute

Insight designed and developed a web-based system which provides collection, storage, reporting, and dissemination related to digital assets (photographs and associated metadata) housed by the Smithsonian Institution. The system provides robust digital asset management functionality, including automatic synchronization of object metadata, historical data integrity, easy-to-use data collection processes, and advanced security. The system supports large volume transactions, such as multi-gigabyte media upload capabilities.

Montgomery County Collaboration Council

Insight created a web-based county services database, called Info Montgomery, which provides county constituents with a comprehensive online services directory and improves the collaboration and information sharing between agencies serving children and families. The system allows agencies to post information about the services they provide and offers the general public the ability to search for services that would best meet their needs.

Veteran's Affairs

Insight helped to facilitate the development and implementation of VA's Web Enabled Approval Management System (WEAMS). WEAMS is the approval repository for educational and job training programs; licensing and certification tests; and national exams maintained in the VA corporate environment.