KMS Frequently Asked Questions

The Knowledge Management Services (KMS) Team is comprised of Insight Systems Corporation and John Snow, Inc. The KMS team understands that the transition of a contract can bring uncertainty for the project and the client. With this in mind, Insight is committed to expediting the process to provide a smooth conversion to the new project. Please refer to the below FAQ to learn more about our process for reviewing existing employees for possible employment on the KMS project.

About the KMS Project

Q: What is the scope of the KMS Project?
A: The KMS project is the follow on to the Analysis, Information Management and Communications (AIM) project. The scope of work for KMS is to provide Knowledge Management Services (KMS) to the Bureau for Global Health (GH) and through GH to health program-related requirements of other USAID operating units. The Contractor’s activities shall support the United States Government’s (USG’s) Global Health Initiative, a $63 billion commitment to global health to address some of the most serious health problems facing the world’s poorest people. The Contractor shall carry out activities in support of the strategic priorities for U.S. assistance in Health, which include: HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Child Health, Malaria, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Tuberculosis, Other Public Health Threats, Avian and Pandemic Influenza, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and Nutrition.

Much of the work requires close collaboration with USAID/Washington personnel and partners, therefore the place of performance is Washington, DC. Some travel within the United States and internationally will be required.

Three (3) main functional areas are identified for this Task Order, with corresponding illustrative tasks as highlighted below:
  1. Data Analysis, Data Management, and Reporting: analysis of health, program, and financial data and the production of related reports to support senior management decisions and investments, to comply with Congressional reporting requests and requirements, and to inform external audiences of USAID health programs
  2. Systems Development, Operation, and Maintenance: including the maintenance of existing data bases and other IT-based resources including the Global Health Bureau’s internet and intranet sites, the development of new systems and/or data bases, the introduction and application of new IT tools, the promotion of practices to provide better access to and to promote the sharing of information and knowledge to help guide the design and and management of USAID health programs
  3. Communication, Education, and Outreach: the development and utilization of communication products and services to raise awareness and understanding of global health issues and activities within USAID and among the informed public, both US and foreign, as well as among NGOs, PVOs, and decision-makers in global health.
Q. What is the length of the KMS contract?
A. KMS is a three-year contract. Base Period of performance is March 22, 2011 – March 21, 2014.
Q. When does the new contract start?
A. The government notified Insight of the award on March 22, 2011. The start of the contract is by March 22, 2011. Insight plans to have a kick off with the new team on April 8, 2011.
Q. What companies comprise the KMS Team?
A. The KMS Team is comprised of Insight Systems Corporation as the prime contractor and John Snow, Inc as its partner. Insight Systems Corporation and John Snow, Inc. have partnered on projects together for over five years and have an effective collaborative partnership to support the KMS team and the project.
Q. Why should I join the KMS team?
A. KMS is a continuation of the existing AIM project. Insight and John Snow, Inc are fully dedicated to providing an excellent working atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for employees displaying talent and ambition who would like to work on this type of project.
Q. Who can I talk to if my question is not addressed here?
A. The KMS Team wants to ensure that we answer all your questions to the best of our ability. Please feel free to contact us directly by e-mailing

Interviewing and Hiring

Q. How do I apply for a position on the KMS contract?
A. Please visit the Insight Systems Corporation Careers page or the John Snow, Inc Job Openings page. You must submit your resume along with a cover letter and salary requirements.
Q. You are requesting a copy of my most recent pay stub. Is a copy of my pay stub required?
A. Yes. A copy of your pay stub provides us useful information that helps us speed up the offer process, so we encourage you to provide one.
Q. Which positions are associated to which company?
A. Team members have been assigned specific positions based on their firm’s capabilities and qualifications. Current employees of Insight Systems Corporation and John Snow, Inc. will remain with their respective companies. A list of open positions may be found on each company’s website.
Q. What do you need from me when I accept my offer?
A. We will need you to sign and return your offer letter and associated employment conditions along with a USG Bio data form. Employees will follow each company’s on-boarding process and be notified of benefit briefings and dates for paperwork processing.
Q. Are there citizenship and security requirements?
A. You need to demonstrate that you are eligible for employment in the United States and provide documentation to support it. Some KMS work may require additional security clearances and proof of US citizenship.
Q. What will happen to my salary and benefits?
A. For new employees to Insight Systems or John Snow, Inc., title, salary and benefits will be based on the respective company’s benefit policies and new employee status.
Q. Where do Insight and John Snow stand on equal employment opportunities?
A. The KMS Team treats all employees and applicants equitably. Minorities and women are a key part of our team. In addition, Insight Systems Corporation is a minority, woman-owned organization that prides itself on its diverse culture. Our goal is to have a cohesive team that works together effectively regardless of race, gender or handicap to provide superior support and service for our client.
Q. Will my personal information remain private?
A. We understand that in today’s world, privacy is essential. The KMS team will honor that privacy to provide you peace of mind.